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Appeal Committee

As a part of the international movement, different Groups and members are affiliated to AI Nepal. But there are times when AI Nepal has to ensure its Groups and members have not violated the mandate of the organization.

It is important that the entire movement has in no way adversely affected its policy of impartiality and independence. If any Group violates the provisions in the statute or the bylaws, those Groups are derecognized or the membership is terminated by the decision of the NEC following a due process mentioned in the statue. But such Group or member rights to appeal against the NEC's decision if they wish. And for that purpose Appeal Committee has formed which even enjoys the right to alter the NEC's decision in such cases if it finds that decisions were not made on the fair ground. The decision of the Appeal Committee will be the final. Hence, the Appeal Committee considers appeals against the decision of the NEC on Membership and Group status. The Committee made up of Coordinator and 2 Members is elected by the AGM in every two year.

The current (from Sep. 2016 to Sep. 2018) Appeal Committee is as below:

Appeal Committee

Keshab Pokharel

Keshab Pokharel
Coordinator, Appeal Committee
Amnesty International Nepal
Mechinagar-2, Dhulabari
Phone: 023-560332
Mobile: 98426-39432/9815965002
Email: keshab@amnestynepal.org

Prabha Adhikari

Prabha Adhikari
Member, Appeal Committee
Amnesty International Nepal
Trade Union Group - 41, Biratnagar
Biratnagar-12, Gaurab Tole, Paurab Marga House No. 22, Morang
Tel: 021-532217 Mobile: 98420-46570
Biratnagar, Morang
Email: prabha@amnestynepal.org

Basant Subedi

Basant Subedi
Member, Appeal Committee
Amnesty International Nepal
Teachers & Social Workers Group-82, Pokhara
Nepal Trade Union Congress, District Committee
Pokhara-09, Sahara Tole, Pokhara, Kaski
Phone: 061-521150 (Off) 061-461117 (Home)
Fax: 061-538850
Mobile: 9856020848, 9804180164
Email: basanta@amnestynepal.org


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