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Proposed Measure Contravenes International Law

Nepal: Reject Draft Truth and Reconciliation Bill

Nepali legislators should reject problematic provisions of the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) bill introduced in parliament on April 9, 2014, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the International Commission of Jurists said on 17 April 2014. Despite a January 2 directive from the Nepali Supreme Court that the law must meet international legal standards, the bill contains provisions for amnesty that violate international law.

In a joint statement they said-'In particular, the bill retains language from a 2012 executive ordinance that permitted amnesty for crimes under international law committed during Nepal’s civil war. A landmark Supreme Court ruling rejected the ordinance, and explicitly directed the government to introduce a new bill in compliance with Nepal’s obligations under international law. Amnesty for gross human rights violations, such as those enumerated in the bill, is prohibited by international law.

Click here for the English version of full statement.

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8th National Youth Mela

Strengthening Young Activists to Take Effective Actions

Young activists representing Amnesty International's local entities across the country empowered more about the campaigning techniques on human rights. The 8th Annual National Youth Mela (Camp) organized by Amnesty International Nepal allowed opportunity to over 100 young activists from across the country to be more empowered about the effective campaigning techniques on major human rights issues.

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High Level Mission Visit Special

A Global Campaign Launched from Village

'We want to help the next generation realize and claim their sexual and reproductive rights'.

- Secretary General Shetty

Amnesty International (AI) launched its' newest campaign 'My Body My Rights' from a village in Nepal. Secretary General of AI, Salil Shetty launched the campaign amid a special program in Samundratar village, Nuwakot district on 6 March 2014.

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Launch of Amnesty International's Report on Nepal

'Recognize the Uterine Prolapse Problem as a Human Rights Issue'

Amnesty International has expressed its concern over the Widespread and systemic gender discrimination in Nepal. The organization, in its annual report, has flagged - Because of this situation in Nepal has led to hundreds of thousands of women suffering from a reproductive health condition that leaves them in great pain, unable to carry out daily tasks and often ostracized from their families and communities. Amnesty International globally launched its report entitled 'Unnecessary Burden: Gender discrimination and uterine prolapse in Nepal' on 20 February 2014.

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पाठेघर खस्ने समस्या मानवअधिकारको सवाल हो भनी नेपाल सरकारका तर्फबाट सार्वजनिक रुपमा स्वीकार गरियोस् ।

नेपालमा छ लाख भन्दा बढी महिलाहरू पाठेघर (आङ्ग) खस्ने समस्याबाट ग्रसित छन् । यस्तो दुःखदायी र दर्दनाक अवस्थाका कारण प्रत्येक दिन महिलाहरूले अनावश्यक बोझ र समस्या भोग्नु परिरहेको छ । लैङ्गिक विभेद नै नेपाली महिला र युवतीहरूमा बढ्दो पाठेघर खस्ने समस्याको विद्यमान कारण र परिणाम दुवै हुन् ।

अरु देशको तुलनामा नेपालमा यौवन अवस्थामा नै महिलाहरूमा यस्तो अवस्था देखा पर्ने गरेको छ । यसरी कम उमेरमै यो समस्या हुनुको प्रमुख कारण उनीहरुमाथि निरन्तर तवरले हुने लैङ्गिक विभेद नै हो । पाठेघर खस्ने समस्याको प्रमुख कारणको रुपमा रहेको लैङ्गिक विभेद मानव अधिकारको सवाल हो ।

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