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Youth Network

Amnesty International Nepal and Youth Membership

Amnesty International Nepal has been enhancing human rights impact through advancing the central participation of young people in the protection and promotion of human rights for all, by engaging them in upholding universal human rights values, by empowering them to take action in their local communities, and by integrating them at all levels of its organization. For this purpose, AI Nepal had decided to issue "Youth Network Membership" in November 2007. After that it has formed various Youth Networks of such Youth Members. For the purposes of the AI, youth is defined as those aged 14-25.

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National Youth Mela (Camp)

After it started to issue Youth Membership, AI Nepal has been organizing National Youth Mela (Camp) every year since 2007. Such program is being organized with the objective of acquainting AI Nepal's youth members with Amnesty International and imparting them theoretical and practical knowledge on its campaigning methods and techniques.

During the program, various indoor sessions and out-door activities are held. Under the indoor sessions, the participants are introduced to Amnesty International, the role of youth network, Campaigning framework and techniques and Letter Writing while outdoor activities as part of the outdoor activities, the participants of the program takes part in the activism types of program such as rally, demonstration, signature camp etc.

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Regional Training on Campaign

As per its plan to empower AI Nepal's Youth Network Members with campaigning and letter writing techniques, six regional training workshops were organized in August and September 2008. In the workshop, theoretical as well as practical sessions as to how to send online letter signing them from the webpage of Amnesty International were conducted. Similarly, following theoretical presentations on techniques of preparing a model letter responding human rights violations or abuses, participants practically exercised to prepare such model letters.

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Youth Network

Youth Network


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